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"Prayer: Anytime, Anywhere" - 10/25/15
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Week 2 of our Prayer series focuses on how to stay connected to God, anytime, anywhere. A 90 Second Sermon on Matthew 26:36-50 by Kellie Anderson-Picallo.
"Advent Adventures - Peace" - 12/08/13
What would peace look like in your life? This is the second in our Advent Adventures series from FPC Family Connection. A 90 Second Sermon by Kellie Anderson-Picallo for you to watch with your family.
"90 Seconds on the Bible" - 6/9/13
Sometimes we yield to temptation in the areas of our lives where we are strongest, not where we are weak. A 90 Second Sermon on Matthew 4:1-11 by Richard Hong.
"Prayer: Am I Good Enough?" - 10/18/15
Week 1 of our three-week prayer series asks: Am I Good Enough to pray to God?
A 90 Second Sermon on Hebrews 5:1-10 by Richard Hong.
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Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Check out this 90 Second Sermon.